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One listener's self-maintained archive project. It is by no means a complete archive. I can only take on so much. This is a highly subjective best-attempt to preserve what I personally feel deserves preservation. That said, I'm always seeking new contributors for a better-rounded collection of WCSB's recent and distant past. The priority here is to save those shows that often fall between the cracks of WCSB's station archives from week to week, specifically overnight shows.

Entire Stash: radioarchive/csb
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New archive site

Post by dbee » Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:21 pm

As we enter a new decade, I feel it's time to experiment with a newer online archive platform. Starting with the Sunshine Kingster's "Outskirts of Oblivion", the first show of 2020, all Dave B archives of WCSB shows will be posted to, (feel free to sign up and participate here The site is already up and live. Feel free to check it out.

The main difference between this site and is that Area 893 is more than just a web site. It's an app supported "twitter-like" social media platform that is based on a completely non-commercial, non-proprietary technology called Mastodon. My aims are:
  • To provide a better, modern platform to share my personal station archives. is an old fashioned looking bulletin board platform constantly barraged with sign-up request from spam bots. The reason I haven't answered your sign-up requests? They are burried in a sea of bot requests.
  • To experiment with non-commerical social media technology in hopes that it might grow into an online community of like minded radio, music, sound art aficionados, supporters of WCSB's uniqueness, mission and programming.
Here's hoping attracts the user sign-ups and discussion posts that were virtually impossible on! works with the following apps for Android, iPhone and others My favorites are Amaroq for iPhone and Tusky for Android, both free.

If this interests you and you have any questions along the way, feel free to email me Happy new year!

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