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Millions of Dead Chickenheads w/ Scary Ellen - Thu Feb 7th, 2019

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:41 pm
by dbee
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Tonight on the Millions of Dead Chickenheads radio show, we'll feature some of the bands playing around town this week and in the near future, such as Bar Trash, Black Static Eye, Turbo Lovers, The Cheats, Trunk Ride, Killer of Sheep, perhaps something from Jimi Imij's new band Distort Hope, COC and VoiVod. Plus more from the new Bwak Dwagon, Gluttons, Vanik, Subtype Zero and others in our WCSB pushbox of new material. Plus some more uptempo unk rock after our heavy load last week, and that means some horror punk and silly stuff. Tune in from 11pm to 1am EST to WCSB 89.3 fm in the Cleveland area, and livestreaming around the world!