Millions of Dead Chickenheads w/ Scary Ellen followed by the C-man - Thu Jan 10th, 2019

One listener's self-maintained archive project. It is by no means a complete archive. I can only take on so much. This is a highly subjective best-attempt to preserve what I personally feel deserves preservation. That said, I'm always seeking new contributors for a better-rounded collection of WCSB's recent and distant past. The priority here is to save those shows that often fall between the cracks of WCSB's station archives from week to week, specifically overnight shows.

Entire Stash: radioarchive/csb
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Millions of Dead Chickenheads w/ Scary Ellen followed by the C-man - Thu Jan 10th, 2019

Post by dbee » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:47 am

Archive: radioarchive/csb/wcsb-2019.01.10k-Milli ... nheads.mp3
Podcast app feed: pod/MDC.Podcast.xml

Tonight on the Millions of Dead Chickenheads radio show, lots of new stuff for the new year! We'll hear some tunes from the stash of new products purchased by me and Tom Dark over the weekend, including a Beach Impediment Hardcore compilation, a newly mastered collection of more obscure GBH tunes from Cleopatra Records, the new Gluttons CD, and an LP by a Swedish punk band, P.F. Commando, recorded in 1979. Also we will be debuting the brand new Bwak Dwagon LP, "Underground and Passed Around", which has some very cool stuff on it, in addition to having a killer title! Plus our usual mix of local, regional and international bands, new and old, with that rampaging style. Tune in from 11pm to 1am EST to WCSB 89.3fm in the CLE area and livestreaming around the world!


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